Adventure at Cornwall Barracks, Jamaica

We found a taxi and told the driver to take us to Rio Grande but then he asked where in Rio Grande as it was a huge area. We, of course, had no clue. So we just told him to drop us off at a nice place to walk around. “No worries mon, I have a nice place for you! Cornwall barracks is beautiful, I will take you there.” And off we went! He was not lying, even the drive up there was beautiful. Nature at it’s best. We got there and it was just breathtaking! So unprepared for this adventure, we hiked the area in our slippers and drank our half liter water bottle that we happened to have with us within minutes.
We walked over a swinging bridge, trekked and swam through the river, explored a hidden cave, and spoke to locals living in the quiet, and nature rich village. We loved every second of it! These are the moments we yearn for during our travels. The off the beaten path attractions and not the popular ones like Dunn’s River Falls. Mass tourism seriously destroys the charm of a place.
We would take this quiet, peaceful and lushes green hike over any crowded tourist attractions any day. And you know what, we would have never found this place if we didn’t interact with the locals or didn’t take our nose out of those travel guidebooks.
Jamaicans love their country and love sharing it’s beauty with visitors, so interact with the locals because you never know what hidden spot you might discover!