Day in Tel Aviv

Set on the sparkling shores of the Mediterranean Sea, this seaside destination may sound large as Israel's second-biggest city. However, it is quite small in size, making it possible to see the best of Tel Aviv in 1 day! This guide will offer up some of the best things to do in Tel Aviv so you can make the most of your visit.
Tel Aviv is known for its long stretch of beach right along the Mediterranean Sea, so you'll want to plan your visit to ensure you will be able to enjoy those beach days to the fullest. To avoid the crowded season that comes with the summer months, and to make sure your adventure doesn't get rained on in the winter, the best time to visit Tel Aviv is during the months of April, May, June, September, and October.
Explore Rothschild Boulevard. Start your morning by exploring the happening street of Rothschild Boulevard. Known as one of the first streets built in Tel Aviv, this street is teeming with a blend of ancient and modern. Rothschild Boulevard is within Tel Aviv's "White City." The White City is the world's largest collection of International or Bauhaus style buildings. It is quite easy to spot these buildings, as they are all white! Take a stroll down the boulevard and take in the beauty of these bright white buildings. The center of Rothschild Boulevard is lined with massive ficus trees alongside a walking path, creating a beautiful canopy for the entirety of the main street. There are little kiosks within the central walking path where you can purchase drinks and snacks. Get a cup of coffee from the Espresso kiosk and hang out under the ficus trees to start off a lovely morning in Tel Aviv.
Eat a Traditional Israeli Lunch at Bino Bepita. Bino Bepita dishes up some of the tastiest Israeli food in Tel Aviv. They are best known for their grilled pita stuffed with a filling of your choice - lamb, chicken, mixed shawarma, or falafel. The hummus is creamy and flavorful, and the meats juicy, tender, and spiced to perfection. You can even see the meat sliced off of the skewer as you order it.
Experience Tel Aviv's Carmel Market. Known as Tel Aviv's largest market, the Carmel Market (Shuk Ha'Carmel) is a bustling open-air market overflowing with everything you could imagine, from custom T-shirts with your name spray-painted in Hebrew to salt from the Dead Sea. The Carmel Market has been an integral part of the history of Tel Aviv since 1920, keeping alive the tradition of bazaar-style markets in the Middle East.
Catch the Sunset Along the Seafront Promenade. A day in Tel Aviv would not be complete without taking a walk on the seafront promenade. The promenade in Tel Aviv runs 14km along the seaside, where along the beach you will find people playing sand volleyball, working out, and lounging on the sand.
There are bars and beachfront restaurants scattered along the promenade, as well as spots on the beach where you can rent a lounge chair for the day. What better way to end an amazing day of exploring Tel Aviv than to watch the sun set over the Mediterranean Sea? Find yourself a nice spot to hang out along the beach and relish in the last few moments of a perfect day in Tel Aviv.