Guide to Visiting Semuc Champey

Hidden in the lush mountainous jungle just 11kms of the nearby town, Lanquin, Semuc Champey, is a 300 m long natural forming limestone bridge that has six turquoise blue water pools. People visit Semuc not only to enjoy swimming in the pools but also to explore the nearby water cave, or tube down the Cahabon River which disappears under the limestone bridge only to reappear miles later.
El Mirador. Semuc Champey is truly one of Guatemala's natural wonders and the best way to fully appreciate it's beauty is not just by swimming in the pools but by seeing it from above. Take a nice 45 minute hike through the jungle to the viewpoint, "El Mirador". The view at the top is gorgeous, both of Semuc and the lush green mountains surrounding it. Don't be intimidate by the hike time because it is totally worth it.
Relax and Swim in the Pools. Me and you both know you wouldn't come all the way to Semuc Champey just to take pictures. Not sure if it needs to be said but here goes, take a dip into the many refreshing turquoise blue pools and chill out for a bit. Some of the pools are deep enough to dive or jump into, while others are good for relaxing in.
River Tubing. In case you didn't have enough relaxing time in the pools, grab a tube and go river tubing down Cahabon River for about one kilometer. Most people like to start their cruise through the river by jumping off the bridge in front of the entrance to Semuc. But you don't have to. The river is pretty calm, so it's not the water rafting kind of tubing but still fun especially with a group.
K'an Ba Cave. No head-lamp, no helmet, no life jacket, just your bare feet, your swim wear, and a candle are all you need to explore this water cave. With this unconventional hour long cave tour, you get to climb a 10ft waterfall, squeeze in between tiny spaces, duck and dodge stalactites, see bats, and swim with one hand while balancing a candle dripping in hot wax in the other. C'mon doesn't that sounds like an added bonus to your already fun trip to Semuc Champey?
Most people would suggest going during the high season, mid December to mid April as it doesn’t rain as often and the Cahabon River is a lot clearer, but we would say otherwise. During the high season, Semuc Champey is over-crowded with both locals and foreigners and you don’t get to fully enjoy the beauty when there is millions of people around. So go during low season, when there is 60% less people. And yes, the pools are still crystal clear and turquoise blue. No need to worry!