Places to Visit in Guatemala

Guatemala is a truly a unique country and has everything from ancient Maya ruins, charming colonial towns, rich culture to active volcanoes. It’s just one of those countries you don’t want to overlook. In every little corner there is something to discover, to explore, to climb and to take a pictures of. If you don’t want to miss out on any of Guatemala’s gems, check out this list of best places to visit in Guatemala. So without further ado, here are our choices of the best places to visit in Guatemala.
Flores. Flores is a charming colonial town located on an island on Lake Peten Itza. Most travelers base themselves here because of it’s close proximity to Tikal and other attractions in the surrounding area. However, many travelers find themselves staying longer than intended as Flores’ tranquil vibe, and beautiful colonial charm tend to cast a spell on them. So take it easy, loose yourself in the cobblestone streets of Flores or rent a kayak from your hotel and explore Lake Peten Itza’s shoreline.
Tikal. Tikal is by far one of the most breathtaking Mayan ruin site in Latin America and although the site is visited by thousands of visitors every year it feels way less touristy than Chichen Itza in Mexico for example. What makes Tikal so special you ask? Well, for one it’s located in the middle of 575 square kilometres of dense jungle, home to toucans, parrots, howler monkeys, and many other exotic animals. Not to mention, it’s dominance over the skyline with the tallest pyramid being over 200 feet. Visiting Tikal evokes a sense of wonder, giving you that Indiana Jones I-am-discovering-mystic-ancient-ruins-in-the-middle-of-the-jungle feeling, minus the booby traps and gold idol of course.
El Mirador. If you are up for something even more adventurous, you should definitely take the 5-6 day hike through the untamed, and dense forest to the remote Mayan settlement, El Mirador. Some travelers have argued that El Mirador, the ruins lost deep in the jungle are way better than Tikal, and Tikal is pretty freaking magical. So that has to tell you a lot.El Boqueron Canyon. The lush green canyon of El Boqueron is probably one of the most underrated attractions in Guatemala with barely any guide books mentioning its breathtaking beauty. The narrow canyon with its gigantic limestone walls covered in vegetation and caves will leave any visitor in awe and wondering how could something so majestic be hiding just an hour away from the chaotic town of Rio Dulce.
So do yourself a huge favor, hop on a collective bus to El Boqueron and pay one of the local guys to paddle you up the Rio Salsa through the natural beauty of El Boqueron. I promise you, you won’t want to miss out on this attraction.