Treasure Beach: An Escape from the Touristy Chaos

See, after visiting Negril we weren’t too impressed with Jamaica! Everything was very touristy, crowded and expensive, even during low season! But everything changed after we packed our bags and headed to Treasure Beach on the southern coast of Jamaica! It was there that we first fell in love with Jamaica, and no it had nothing to do with the beaches. It was the laid-back, sleepy, kick back vibe of the town...
It was exactly what we needed after the chaos of Negril. There were no hustlers, no resorts, no over-development or overcrowded areas. It is just a town, with local people, the ocean and nature. What else can one ask for? Unlike the rest of Jamaica, Treasure beach is different in many ways. The town is located in the driest parish of Jamaica, St. Elizabeth therefore it has a very desert-like environment and at times it feels more like you are in the African Savannah than in the Caribbeans.
Though dry, Treasure Beach still produces and supplies more fruits and vegetables than any other parish. The parish is actually nicknamed “the Bread Basket of Jamaica.” Another great aspect of Treasure Beach is that it’s a community-based tourism destination involved and active in sustainable local development. Which means travelers come and support local business, by buying local food, taking local transportation and taking local tours.
Treasure Beach offers visitors the opportunity to visit the sleepy village with the understanding that they will respect the town by traveling responsibly and by contributing to the improvement in the quality of life of the local community.
Treasure Beach should not have to change because more people are visiting, if anything people should want to preserve the authenticity of the town. After all, isn’t that the reason why people want to visit in the first place?