Trips from Sydney, Australia

As Australia’s most popular tourist destination, Sydney has quite a lot to offer visitors. Even with five days in Sydney you won’t have to worry about running short of places and activities to keep you busy. That’s because Sydney is just the start of what there is to see in New South Wales. With all sorts of destinations within a few hours of the city, the best places to visit from Sydney cover everything from national parks to seaside towns. The best way to decide where to go is to look through these best day trips from Sydney and see which interests you the most.
Blue Mountains. One of the best places to visit in New South Wales, and an incredibly popular day trip destination, is the Blue Mountains. This stunning national park west of Sydney is adored for the rocky gorges and ridges found within its thick mountainous forests. Begin at the Echo Point Lookout to see three towering pillars of rock known as the Three Sisters, the region’s most iconic attraction. You won’t have to travel far to find other fantastic panoramic view points like Elysian Rock Lookout and Bridal Veil Lookout. The Blue Mountains are also home to many gorgeous waterfalls. Katoomba Falls and Wentworth Falls are two that are well worth seeking out. Then there are the ancient Jenolan Caves where you can see remarkable rock formations. Last but not least there’s the precarious National Pass and its cliffside trail which is sure to test any fear of heights.
Hunter Valley For a day out among wineries, the Hunter Valley is one of the best day tours from Sydney. The Hunter Valley is a celebrated wine region and the oldest in the country, offering over 100 wineries to choose from. Spend your day sampling wines from different wineries, wandering through vineyards, and filling up on other regional produce like cheeses, olives, and chocolate. Some wineries offer special tours that take you through their winemaking process and share the winery’s history. You also have plenty of choice for how to round out your day in the region, whether it’s exploring the captivating Hunter Valley Gardens in Pokolbin or going for bushwalks in Wollemi National Park or Yengo National Park.
Royal National Park. To escape the city for a bit and catch your breath, few Sydney day trips beat Royal National Park. This national park south of Sydney has a welcoming combination of coastal cliffs, eucalyptus bushlands, and hidden beaches that give it a very broad appeal. Throughout Royal National Park you’ll find walking trails that lead all over the place, with the Jibbon Loop Track perhaps the easiest to explore. Besides roaming on foot, it’s possible to cycle along the Loftus Loop Trail or hire a canoe to paddle along the Hacking River. A spot that combines many of Royal National Park’s features is Wattamolla Beach, where you’ll find a sandy beach surrounded by forest, hiking tracks, and the beautiful Wattamolla Falls. Lastly, it may be a long way to the south, but the Figure 8 Pools are quite a sight and are great for a gentle soak, though a trip to them needs to be planned precisely, taking the tides into account.